IEEE 802.11p based vehicular networking operational pilot field measurement

Timo Sukuvaara, Riika Ylitalo and Marcos Katz, "IEEE 802.11p based vehicular networking operational pilot field measurement", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications , Vol. 31, No. 9, September  2013, pp 409-418.

For vehicular networking purposes the main communication standard approach on global scale is the IEEE 802.11p. This protocol-based system, together with the 3G cellular network, was the main elements of our car communications test-bed network. The developed test-bed implements an intelligent heterogeneous traffic safety network between cars and infrastructure. It also offers the possibility to exploit vehicle based sensor and observation data in order to generate intelligent real-time services and a service platform for vehicles. The main goal was to improve traffic safety with accident and weather condition related accurate services, but also to offer a platform for true bi-directional Internet-like networking experience tailored cost-effectively to vehicular environments. This paper presents the field test results of a new standard system for car communication, IEEE 802.11p vehicular networking measurements in Northern Finland (with supporting simulations). The results achieved in developed heterogeneous networking system (with special services) pilot testing are presented also. Based on the experience gained from both field measurements and pilot deployment, we propose a system deployment strategy for simple scenarios with general system efficiency estimation. It is shown that the solution has clear potential for a comprehensive heterogeneous vehicular communication and safety network.