"SPEED MANAGEMENT AT BENDS USING LDM", 10th ITS European Congress June 2014, Helsinki Finland

Gülsüm Çiğdem Çavdaroğlu, Erdem Ergen, "SPEED MANAGEMENT AT BENDS USING LDM", 10th ITS European Congress June 2014, Helsinki Finland
The traffic accidents cause many casualties throughout the world and create financial losses. For decreasing the traffic accidents, together with the developing technology, applications of the new techniques gets common each day. Regarding the bend slope and angles which constitute one of the accident factors, with a preliminary study to be realized on map static data, it can be ensured that the vehicles can take the bend`s geometrical data while they are cruising and they can be warned instantly in case the situations constituting warning exist by keeping the bend`s geometrical characteristics on the dynamic layers to be established on the static map layers. In this study, the bend slope and angles were calculated with the processing of the road data taking place on the static map layers and was kept on a dynamic layer. The calculation was made regarding the speed that the vehicles cruising on the road were required to have for entering to the bend in a secure way also with the consideration of the vehicle characteristics and it was ensured that they reached to this data with the help of the Intelligent Transportation Systems during their approach to the bend locations and the drivers were informed.